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Pastor Kathy Kiuna – On her critics, marriage, divorce, faith and being herself

True Love Magazine – November 2011

Incredible Journey – Kathy Kiuna went from a humble secretary to one of Kenya’s most charismatic preachers. She tells Damaris Irungu how it came about

The hand-written birthday poem on the wall of Pastor Kathy Kiuna’s office is sentimental, something a man would write to his bride of perhaps a year. But Pastor Allan Kiuna wrote these words last year, when they had already been married for 17 years. Allan Kiuna is one romantic man, and Kathy is one lucky woman, as she readily admits. “I have a man who is not afraid to express himself,” she says. “I don’t take that lightly.”

Kathy Kiuna is wearing a pair of stylish black jeans and a long blue sweater that matches her stilettos. After greeting me with a warm hug, she takes me to her spacious office, furnished with black leather chairs and baby pink cushions. A pink rug on the floor completes the look. Kathy Kiuna is a senior pastor at Jubilee Christian Church in Nairobi. Her husband is the general overseer of the church. Unlike many women of the clergy who become known simply as “the pastor’s wife”, Kathy is a pastor and spiritual leader in her own right. How does that gel with the fact that she is married to a pastor?

“I know my place – I am second,” she explains. “My husband is the head of the home. Whenever there are decisions to be made, we discuss them. Sometimes we agree to disagree, but his word is final.”

Kathy counters these arguably old-fashioned sentiments with a thought-provoking reminder: “However, for women to rise, the man has to support her, lift her up. It is the husband’s duty to raise his wife.”

Kathy and Allan, who never shy away from showing their affection in public, met in an interesting way.

“He was at a phone booth, having a conversation with his mother (that’s what he told me!), and I passed by on my way to church. He told his mum to hang on a sec, then called out to me, asking me to give him a minute as he wanted to speak to me. The only reason I stopped was because he had called me by my name. After ending his conversation with his mum, he told me straight up that he wanted to get to know me and asked if he could buy me lunch.

I turned him down, saying I was busy. I was in fact busy as I was headed to join the praise and worship team for the lunch time service. But this did not deter him and he pursued me relentlessly.

On our first date he made it clear that he wanted to get married. That was in January. By December the same year I said ‘I do’, and became Mrs Kiuna. I was 25 and he was 27.”

Kathy’s spiritual journey started when she was 22. She was something of a wild child in high school (CGHU Parklands).

“I was the cheeky girl, the party girl, the totally crazy chic, not the kind of girl you would have picked for salvation,” she laughs. “My friends from high school got the shocker when they heard I got saved.”

After high school, she went to Queensway Secretarial College. She was working as a secretary and singing in the worship team at Faith Evangelist Ministries under Teresia Wairimu when she met Allan, also a member of the church. At that point, there was nothing to tell her that great things were about to happen.

The newlyweds opened a printing business, but it did not do well, and they were forced to close.

“God took us through a gruesome experience,” she says of those days.

“We were penniless, with not even a roof over our heads. A kind widow graciously took us in. It was at this time that we set out to actively seek God and His plans for us.

“Then came the day that changed our lives. In September 1998, God sent His prophet, a man named Macdonald, to preach at Teresia Wairimu’s church. He called us to the front of the church and began to prophesy. He told my husband that God was going to give him an office, a big office where he was going to raise leaders. He told me that I was going to be a psalmist, that I was going to write songs that touch lives.”

“We were surprised and shocked. How was God going to do this? But we took his word for it and waited. One day, God spoke, telling us to start a church on 17 January 1999.”

Looking back, Kathy remembers how some of their friends trashed them when they invited them to come to their church.

“They blatantly told us that they were not going to join us and become part of the mockery, but this did not stop us. God had put in us such a passion that nothing was going to shake us, but the doubt came sometimes as we wondered how we were going to start a church without a single coin to our name.”

But the couple was determined to obey God.

First, they needed premises.

“We found it at Temus Restaurant, owned by Terry Mungai of Ashley’s, who was gracious enough to let us use it for Ksh3,700 a month. At the time, it sounded like Ksh3.7 million! But God had a plan and soon we started getting volunteers: someone offered to print fliers free of charge and one pastor gave us an envelope with Ksh 10,000. That was indeed a miracle! We had found our budget plus extra to give the congregation biscuits and tea after church.”

Sunday, 17 January 1999 arrived, and the 40-seater venue was filled to capacity with friends, family and curious spectators. The Kiunas were thoroughly pleased – but the following Sunday, they had a congregation of only six.

“Our friends and family had come to support us for the premier of the church, but they moved on to their respective churches after that first Sunday. It was shocking to see just six people, but we kept the faith and over the months the numbers fluctuated from eight people to five to ten … and today Jubilee Christian Church boasts a congregation of five thousand regular attendees.”

In the early days, Kathy would lead worship and Allan would preach. With the growth of their church, duties are divided differently today, but Kathy still mostly leads the choir. She is a talented musician who has released four albums, three with friends and one solo album, In the Fullness of Time, which chronicles some of the darker times of their spiritual journey.

From secretary to praise and worship leader … this would be enough for most women. But more was to come.

“My husband told me that I should become a woman’s pastor and should lead a ministry for women,” she recalls. “He had seen what I had gone through when we were down and out, when I couldn’t even afford a sanitary towel, and he knew I could connect with women and encourage them. Another pastor confirmed my husband’s vision.”

So in 2003, Kathy’s ministry Daughters of Zion was born. Focusing on uplifting women, the ministry’s monthly seminars attract thousands of women.

“God gave me a passion for women,” Kathy says. “I want to see women change for good, to believe in themselves, to fulfill their destinies. A lot of women are so beautiful but they don’t see it, they let men belittle them and tell them what to do.”

Not content with being co-founder of a busy church, Kathy has also found time to write. She has authored Celebrate Yourself “and Woman Without Limits, and a third book will be out soon. Oh, and she designs clothes for fun!

Kathy Kiuna is no stranger to controversy. Recently, pictures of their house circulated on social media, followed by outraged comments that pastors who serve God should not live extravagant lives. Kathy has no apologies.

“Those who talk only know the ‘after’; they should have seen the ‘before’ to appreciate the work of God,” she says. “He has raised us up in the church and the church is as good as its flock – if the flock is walking in poverty, so will the church.

Many in our congregation are living well; this is just the tip of the iceberg, we are only warming up, we are coming. We were called by God to raise leaders and that is exactly what we are doing – raising people to be the best they can be, and as they grow, so do we. Besides, you can never pay a pastor enough.”

So is Jubilee Christian Church preaching the prosperity gospel?

“We serve a prosperity God,” Kathy counters. “God wants us to be prosperous in every single way. His desire for us is to walk in abundance. I am praying for church people to show the likes of Bill Gates dust!”

Kathy is in her early 40s but looks several years younger. How does she do it?

“I work out every single day, and my husband recently persuaded me to play golf. At first I was very reluctant, ‘Where is the fun in walking after a ball?’ I asked, but the minute I started getting the ball into the holes I was hooked, and now I love it.”

This couple keeps their church and private lives separate.

“We don’t let anything come in between us, not even ministry. We have boundaries which we expect the congregation to respect. Our house is not for fellowship, and we don’t move our kids from bedroom to bedroom to give room to believers.

We have offices at the church where we can discuss church matters. Some church people allow the flock to take over their private lives and end up with no home; this just strains family relationships.”

A normal day for Kathy starts at 6am.

“Between 6-8am we share in prayer, then hit the gym to exercise. Monday is our day off so we go off to play some golf.

Tuesday we have counselling sessions at the church, Wednesday is prayer meetings for Daughters of Zion, Thursday we are busy at the mentorship school at JCC, Friday we usually have overnight prayers at the church so we start preparing for that and also the Sunday service. In the evening we try as much as possible to spend it as family.”

The Kiunas are blessed with three children: Vanessa, 21, who is studying law in Australia, Stephanie, 16, who is in high school, and Jeremy, 11, their “miracle” baby.

“Jeremy was born prematurely at six months, weighing just 1.1 kilograms. He has cerebral palsy, but is so bright and intelligent. The only thing he cannot do is walk by himself; he walks with the support of a stick. But we are trusting God to get him to walk.”

“He was born when I was in the US. He was checked from head to toe, but doctors found nothing amiss. It was only when he was a year and half and still not walking that we realised something was wrong. A neurosurgeon eventually made the diagnosis.”

“Emotionally sometimes we get deflated, waiting on God to do something, make him walk. A year comes and goes, then another, and in my prayers I’m like, ‘God, I never expected You to take this long!’ But we know God is preparing a testimony for Jeremy; Jeremy has made us know God more, helped us realise that he is still a miracle.”

In church, Kathy’s husband often refers to her as his “darling wife” and uses sweet names when addressing her in public. Romance is clearly part and parcel of this happy marriage, but what is the glue that keeps them together?

“Love and respect for each other is crucial, but the focus must be on God,” Kathy says.

“Every person has flaws but you can only get past the flaws with Christ in your life. A wife should respect and honour her husband and the husband should respect and love his wife. He must support her in her dreams so she can become the best that she can be.

Wives, also remember your place in the home: it is not first, but second, regardless of the circumstances. When a man is comfortable in his place, he will let you be comfortable in yours.”

So how does this woman of God feel about divorce?

“What God has put together let no man put asunder … but some marriages God did not put together. There are some marriages where couples cannot stand each other; they are tired of each other and are always happier when apart.

To those I would say, ‘Move on if you must, maybe it wasn’t God after all.’ But first you need to ask yourself, did I give the marriage my all? Could the fault lie with me, rather than him? Try your level best so that if Jesus returned today, He wouldn’t hold it against you, because you will have done your 100%.”

The Kiunas attribute the phenomenal growth of their church – they have branches in Kenya, the US, the UK and South Africa – to “great mentors” such as Teresia Wairimu and Pastor TD Jakes. During the interview, Kathy tells me that they are going to Miami in the US in October to preach and meet Pastor Jakes. “We are raising leaders and sending them forth.”

Kathy seems to have her hands full, so how does she keep a balance? “Actually, I purpose to have the balance: I have my me-time, get into the Jacuzzi and relax, go out with some girls and have a good laugh, I purpose to find the time to do all these things, even to read.”

Her final words end on a typically positive note: “As a woman you should love yourself and be a go-getter. Many women are looking outside for fulfilment, but that is wrong. Whatever you need to fulfil yourself is on the inside. Don’t limit yourself to what you can become – find yourself as a woman and go up!”

  • Anderson

    Extremely inspiring and vindicating of God’s Grace.

  • Jaydee Kiunanyte

    Thats y she wil always remain my Hero 2getha wit her hubby.They r a blessing n one cn neva remain the same after listening 2 them frm anywea.
    May God bless them mightly.

  • Maggie

    This is so touching, I have heard Pastor Kathy preach and one thing I believe is that God surely answers prayers. Pastor Kathy had a Vision and this has come to pass, and what is wrong with people? Pastor Kathy is a living example of humility, strong character, and having Faith in God. I REALLY RESPECT WHAT GOD HAS DONE FOR PASTOR KATHY KIUNA. Pastor all I can say, Move on and let people talk whatever they want to say, leave it. As long as Jesus Reigns, He will ashame your enemies.

  • cate

    Share the richness with the poor. I need school fees for my girl. Yes you may not know what have undergone

    • anonymous

      cate, ua comment was a bit harsh, we have gone through as individuals and i always appreciate where God has placed me.. we always trust and pray to God that he uplifts us.. come on trust in God and thank GOd for whom u are. U are lucky that u asking for school fees for your child.. come to think about it.. others are asking God to bless them with a child!

  • Anonymous

    Mama cate, we all have responsibility and each and everyone need to carry their cross. It’s unfortunate that you have gone through alot, but it’s not up to Pastor kiuna or his wife to take the blame. Learn how to appreciate people and God will lift you up. Give credit where it’s due. This couple is awesome they deserve what they have. After all, they have trusted God and he did it for them.

  • stella irene

    that is so encouraging may God continue to bless u.

  • http://yahoo Hellen

    Kathy your testimony is so amazing and inspiring keep going we are behind you.
    May the Lords blessings always be upon you.
    You really encourage me.

  • shasha

    Share riches with the poor please please

    • Liz

      She does, incase u r not aware, she educates more orphanes and needy children more than u can imagine and u too can do so

      • Sam

        Ever heard of CSR?

  • Njeri

    @Shasha, would u b quick to ask the poor to share their poverty with the rich????? and pls read the article again, you seem to have missed out on their rough day!!! Do u understand what it is for a lady to lack towels? See the journey before to appreciate the current.

    • Jay

      If God has brought you out of a rough day, do reciprocate, because God has to use someone… cant say you have no apologies for living like Kim Kardashian….

      Matt 6:19-20 Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal.

      • Anoymous

        Amen Jay

      • Kristy

        John 8.”As they stood there asking him questions, he straightened up and said to them, Whichever one of you has committed no sin may throw the first stone at her.”

        From my experience, I used to go to Jcc when i was in high school giving an offering of 5bob or 10bob. They taught me to work hard and believe in myself. Now I have a good job with an international body and live a victorious life inspite of the challenges here and there. If God did not use my pastors to push me to believe in myself, my success wouldnt have been possible.

        They do give in monetary terms but most importantly, they equip you to get your own.

  • Jay

    Married for 17 years with a 21 year old daughter….?

    • judy

      dont be stupid!

    • anonymous

      Yes thats a fact.. i guess you dont know much about them.. Pole but ou need to style up.. shes not the 1st neither will she b ta last..

    • Trizah

      @jay and the so called anoymous one mistake a person can do is to judge Gods people, i.e Pastors, evangelist, apostles name them all,for you never know their bond with their God. even when you see whatever bad or evil or good they have done our Heavenly father is the one who should see ans act but no us to stand and point a finger to them, that is one thing that God will not forgive, kindly note that ones word from mouth can be petrol and match box which him/her himself will use to light himself. i love my mummy Kathy and daddy Kiuna, not for what they have but for the respect , love and honour they have to the Almighty God. Daddy and Mummy may the Almight God continue using you for nations to see what He alone is capable of doing.

    • Anonymous

      Married for 17 years with a 21 year old daughter….?

  • Josh

    Do you ever ask God the question WHY?

  • Anonymous

    Jesus m in tears,surely u r a miracle God..for only God knws the plans He has for are a Blessing 2us..MAY THE GOOD BLESS CATHY N ALLAN.

  • lucia

    We never progress because in others we look for things to criticize. Pst. Kathy has shared her testimony widely and is not ashamed of her past, because its no longer there, neither should it hold her back. I admire Pst. Kathy very much. Learn to uphold others and appreciate what God has done for them, and your season will come!!

    • Anonymous

      But a pastor with such a history is a bad example to her followers.

      • Wamburaig

         So why was Paul’s story in the bible highlighted after he had such a bad history?

  • paulyne


  • judy

    dont be silly kwani when you get a child b4 marriage you cant get married? Its a true testmony that GOD is GOD of a second chance!

    • Jay

      Are you that child? or the unseen guest in that house…..Ms defensive?…

      • anonymous

        Jay Jay Jay…. mature up my dear, having a child doent mean that u can never get married ALLAN saw her, knew that, and accepted to marry her with the child… and i think u dont have to stuggle to see their blessings. They are painted in White and Black in in this article!!!

    • Anonymous

      Wacha matusi, its a bad example

  • http://Kenyamagazines Esther

    My mamma yu are blessed n highly favoured dont even be shaken by tha critics coz they dint start now they were there even wen Jesus was preaching n said he was not a son of God.So mamma today i celebrate yu n if Jesus was critisized who are we not to be critisised.I love yu mamma n a i pray for you always For God to make all your enemies ua foot stool.Love you mamaa n Get it from me ua best days are ahead of you.I love you.N for tha critics Dont point ua fingers @tha annointed ones.Watch out.

    • Anonymous

      Mum your life has always being an encouragement to me, i love you and thank you for being my mentor and sharing your story.May God bless you huge.

    • Lorraine

      You wanna know God wants us to be blessed? He said it Himself. He said to Abraham that He will bless the nations of the earth through Him. He is the same God who owns the cattle on a thousand hills. He is the sme God who says all the silver and gold is His. Look at Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, King David, Job etc. These men were great people of God and Job is actually described as the richest in the land in his time. Of Isaac the Bible records that he became prosperous, and he continued prospering until he became very prosperous. So being rich is actually part of God’s plan for His children. It’s sad when people think our Father cannot do that for us. They actually begin saying blessed men of God are illuminati. Newsflash for you, our Heavenly Father can do so much more than the devil!! Like someone has said, His blessings maketh RICH and add no sorrow (don’t make your own interpretations by claiming that that means only spiritual. If he meant only that He would have said so. I believe He meant all-round richness). So listen, we are all human. Even spiritual leaders are human. We are not, and we will never be the RIGHTEOUS JUDGE. Only God is for He alone knows the hearts of men. Do not be quick to judge, for with the same measure you shall be judged. Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling, the Bible says. Just because you call other people blind doesn’t mean you can see. Remove the logs in your own eyes first. Remember even poor pastors can be evil, not just the rich. Don’t be jealous for other people’s prosperity. It’s a work of the flesh that will cause you to miss out on God’s Kingdom, read Galatians. Relax and let God be the judge of His own. Search your own heart and ask God to help you to be true, coz I’m almost sure you are a worse sinner than Cathy…si kwa ubaya na ata ka ni kwa ubaya it’s probably true.

  • Jay

    The reason some people will never progress is because they are too afraid to ask questions…and too scared to hold a different opinion especially on spiritual matters…. hence deception and cults

    If you accept positive feedback, then be ready for some negative feedback as well, no one is perfect……. someone giving you negative feedback is not necesarily an enemy…..

    • Steve

      Jay,…Jay…Jay… sorry to say but I consider your comments rather immature and unfounded …for lack of a better word… you can hold a different opinion but from an informed perspective.. you can ask a question,but not out of ignorance….

    • loli

      jay, I wish pple viewd ur feedback positively. I appreciate Kathy’s story n may God richly reward her. However am hurt by th comment that “ church is as rich / poor as its congregation. Thats not true, pple hav bn blinded by religion til sm pple h


  • Liz

    Yap mum, as long as we are living the enemy will never shutup his wide mouth to try to put Gods’ children down, but you know what? the eyes of a frog will never stop the cow from drinking water. And again everyone is responsible of their own happiness. If they r not happy, can they seek the joy of the Lord He is the one who blesses. Mum & Dad ur blessed, ur wonderful and i luv ur humility. Dont be shaken coz there is nothing the enemy can do about it. Luv u mum

  • Anonymous

    jay,then lets say she had a baby b4 marriage,does it make you feel better?probably, bcause ur one bitter person who wants pple to remain in their past,if ur sensible enaf,17 years of marriage cant produce 21 year old kid,shud she tell u so blantly?how will it help us?ur so concerned abt this,then crucify her if it makes u feel so bad,dont wait for smone to tell u fries are made from potatoes.criticise only if the criticism is constructive,not always.stop feelin bitter and jealous,work at ua own prosperity!!

  • Jay

    I dont see anyone anywhere saying that having a child before marriage is wrong…’re getting too emotional about this and jumping to conclusions and name calling……Objectively, a couple married for 17 years having a 21yr old could also mean a typo on the article or the couple adopted…..
    Regardless, criticism is not going anywhere…its here to stay….you must develop thick skin…

  • Anonymous

    Jay, if only you knew how many thousands have benefited from Pastor Kathy’s spiritual and MATERIAL WEALTH.Please find sometime to read Psalms 105;15.

    • Anonymous

      Please read Psalms 105 the WHOLE chapter,so you do not misquote vs 15 in future.
      Asking the congregation to give offering for buying her husband a Prado, then Lexus and the daughter a BMW for their birthdays?….that’s taking things too far….remember Annanias & Saphira?

    • Jay

      Read Psalms 105 the whole chapter…sa you’re misquoting vs 15. Asking the congregation to give offering to buy luxury cars is taking things too far….and such is the pattern of manipulation in the church today…..dont be so naive, remember Ananias & Saphira?

  • Anonymous

    Now, this is not criticism but you see each one of us is our brother’s /sister’s keeper, She would have served God better if she wasn’t a pastor. I am looking at what the word she claims to preach says. I TIMOTHY 2:12 But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.
    13 For Adam was first formed, then Eve.
    14 And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression.
    15 Notwithstanding she shall be saved in childbearing, if they continue in faith and charity and holiness with sobriety.
    34 ¶ Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but [they are commanded] to be under obedience, as also saith the law.
    35 And if they will learn any thing, let them ask their husbands at home: for it is a shame for women to speak in the church.
    36 ¶ What? came the word of God out from you? or came it unto you only?
    37 If any man think himself to be a prophet, or spiritual, let him acknowledge that the things that I write unto you are the commandments of the Lord.
    38 But if any man be ignorant, let him be ignorant.

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      • Rose Maria

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  • Pato

    I have deeper concerns about pastor Cathy’s thoughts on divorce.Her comments imply that couples who have difficulties have a leeway to walk out of Marriage as long as they have put in their very best. How do we tell which marriages God was involved in and the ones he was not? Isn’t it a fact that once vows are shared in the presence of God and Man, the only allowable reason for divorce in scripture is sexual infidelity?

    I would appreciate a sober, objective response.

  • victory




    I agree with u Cathy some marriages God did nt put together bt if u cant stand each other get alife n move on that one i agree with u.

    • Jay

      You should not throw away the vows you pledged because you cant stand each other..Marriage has many seasons…some good, some bad…its about weathering these together…unless there are extreme circumstances e.g. Abuse or Infidelity…..

      • Nimo

        You’re right Jay. The problem with her sentiments on marriage is that it doesn’t acknowledge how God is destressed about divorce and Jesus stated that it was the stubborness of man that has made divorce common. There’s no place God gives conditionality for divorce so “not happy” is not a reason to divorce. It has to be more serious than that.
        No amount of charitable acts can warrant living in a extravagant house, expensive cars and lavish lifestyle. Just because you know what poverty is it doesn’t mean it justifies the current lifestyle. As a spiritual leader, humility in lifestyle is important coz success should never be based on what you have but in the impact you have in life. I’m not saying poverty is the portion of the faithful but that does not mean extravagant lifestyle is. Why did God ask the Israelites to take the amount of manna needed at the moment and not to take excess? He wanted them to still trust in Him for their provision. We should trust Him like the birds who know not where their food comes from. We are God’s stewards, what He blesses us with is not ours. It is for the glory of God. Not as a testimony that you are rich but to the needy. Please note, no amount of charitable acts justify lavish lifestyles. We are like the heathens, attaching importance to material wealth. We are not of this world so why are our spiritual leaders on a break neck spead to acquire more wealth? The pulpit should never be a platform to acquire wealth. Jesus told the rich man that He had no place to live implying that he didn’t amass wealth or even a home. We should emulate Jesus in His simplistic living. You can’t be Christian, follow Christ yet you live lavishly. Once you die, do you go with your mansion, your cars, your wealth… Please borrow a leaf from the Dalai Lama. Its shameful that a non-christian knows the concept of simplistic living more than the “Bishops of Christ”.
        Even Jesus rebuked the Pharisees, so did John the Baptist, Samuel did, so did Elijah… all the great men of God spoke against things that were not right. There is no man too righteous not to be ever rebuked. God can even use a baby to rebuke a Bishop. Do not silence rebukes only coz of titled individuals. You are implying that it is only the pple in the bible who could be rebuked and our revered spiritual leaders are untouchables?

        • Nimo

          Please note… I don’t think it is for anyone’s place to determine if their relationship with God is on the right.
          The part about being answerable… The early church organized themselves in a way that each was accountable to their actions, each was able to rebuke each other in love. Accountability was present. I believe when a man of God errs in His ways, God can use anyone He pleases to reach out to them or use any means to do the same. This doesn’t discount the respect your leaders chapter, my sentiments challenges the idea that spiritual leaders cannot be rebuked. I bet the Kyunas are wonderful pple who’ve blessed so many but remember… amount of charitable acts, or spirituals blessings/success or whatever you’ve experience through their ministry can ever warrant lavish lifestyle. Please don’t argue that Michael Joseph isn’t getting heat about how his living. Michael isn’t spiritually responsible for a congregation. No one is backsliding coz Michael was earning lots of money. But I bet some have lost appetite for fellowship in churches where its prosperity this, prosperity that. What if all the Christians, ALL, didn’t amass wealth and used their “running over” portions to help other? Aid agencies would be out of business.God blesses pple so much, so much yet we cry to God to help the starving pple in Turkana, in North Eastern. I dont care about Bill Gates. He’s not a spiritual leader. I dont care to be as wealthy as he is. It doesn’t matter to me. You cannot justify the lifestyle of a spiritual leader by pointing at a worldly leader. They are of the world, they attach importance to worldly things. You are not of this world, says the Lord. Does that mean anything to anyone anymore? Are we being mislead by our pastors that its not bad to want to be stinking rich? Jesus told this story of the rich guy who was doing a mental audit of his riches and felt so accomplished. God did not miss this mental brag show and His review of it was evident the next day. FYI… giving God credit for your wealth doesn’t justify lavish lifestyle. Don’t ask what lavish is coz even a P1 can tell you what that is.

          • kenyanmagazines

            Great thought-provoking piece @nimo, wish the spiritual leaders could LISTEN

  • msemaukweli

    This is questionable, why would you defend a person and insult others? Its real questionable. Church is a business today/. Some people have moved from preaching deliverance to prosperity kuficha watu macho



  • agatha

    Hi all,

    for me i have the work of God at hand, very strong woman ad man of God. For sure if you put all your trust in God, then nothing is impossible. We truly serve a living GOD, all praise, glory & honor belongs to our Jehovah!!

  • Cosnie

    I think what kiunas have gone throu is part of life and thru their hard work and putting God first they conquered so wenye wivu wameze wembe.

    • maria

       They deserve all they have n even more.God bless them

  • Edith

    its amazing what God can do.Plz before you judge the men and women of God read the bible and understand it because they are answerable to God not you.Read the word of God understand and obey it.Leave judgement to God !

  • Elly

    Pastor Always amazing n stunning, have seen n heard u preach n thea is no doubt u are a woman of God,, press on an do what God created you to do regardless of what people says….I started coming to JCC this year on April n was doing really badly financially, emotionally n spiritually, n God has surely changed my life in mighty way… God bless n Continue to use you

  • Trizah

    That is only an example of what God can do. He reigns forever, He liveth, He blesses, i love this God, for who He is and capable of doing.up there thats my spiritual mummy.

  • KATE

    i love you kathy,you r an inspiration to all,beautful woman of God and very humurous.every time i here you preach you bless my heart. we love and we bls God for you

  • Anonymous

    May God bless you so much, you are a blessing to us African women …keep the good work the Lord has send you to do .

  • Lotus

    Another money making church, tithes and offering being used to build empires because “the congegation is living well”. Which bible is in use here? We are to feed the widows and the poor. Televangelists in America who made it all about money are now being exposed bigtime! People, get blessed but keep your eyes wide open!

  • rachel

    I cannot believe some of the comments i’m reading here,like she saying your church will be poor or rich…blah blah blah!!!! and also God intending for us to be prosperous/wealthy! why then does the bible say to bring good news to the poor?!because people need the Lord not riches that wont buy you even a single minute in this guys have worked hard,that’s great! hey anyone who is a follower is family i dont get the comment about not switching your children s’ rooms for a believer(shouldn’t have said that loud)! what would Jesus do?He even said that his family is not just his blood relatives but anyone that is born of Him,if you choose to serve the Lord hun,you go all the way,there is no”this is how far i go with you” …na!all the way to the cross Christ went,not up to the hill and found someone to climb up the cross,all the way,COMPLETE SURRENDER,TOTAL SACRIFICE! what else is on?!
    kenya is flooded with prosperity gospel and its very sad that you follow such”preachers” remain poor(in the word) and stay focused on prospering in material gain and then even boast about it in the name of blessings!!this people make good motivational speaker otherwise what do they have to say to the poor,the oppressed the widow and the they preach the gospel of reconciliation?? btwn people groups,btwn social status?asian kenyans and african kenyans,who are they reaching out to?
    to do justly,to love mercy,to walk humbly with God…go serve your king!

  • Lotus

    Well said Rachel…..

  • carol

    Cate, you are not poor…you are so blessed to have a child, rejoice in that and then go back to God and ask of Him to multiply his blessing upon you. Poor is a state of mind and if you could change your mind by realizing that you are an heir, you will know that you lack nothing. All you need to do is to find out how to tap into your inheritance, coz its just there sitting waiting for you. Every child of God has their share and nobody takes another’s share. When you go to heaven, it would be sad to find your storehouse full, call it forth now, its meant to be for you while you are still on earth. If He can give you a child what cant he give you? school fees? Dont ask the Pastor for fees, ask the one who has blessed her to bless you too. Thats what She did when she was in poverty and look how God answered. He is no respecter of persons, ask him to do the same and much more.

  • http://NA JEREMIAH wa SCOLAH


  • Eunice

    ??????? Are Pastor Kiuna / Cathy even reading this? I wonder

  • Michelle

    Awesome. Great! U kip mi moving on knowin that there something good kept 4 mi by God

  • Anonymous

    consider getting Eunce Njeri on one of your issues…blessings.

  • Carol

    Pastor Kathy, I really admire you.  You are beautiful, bold, strong, intelligent, God fearing, charismatic … sometimes when am really down, watching you uplifts my spirits even though I don’t have a solution.  Kudos to your critics coz what our God does is always visible, he aint mediocre!  Wish I could meet you in person and have a chat.

  • Samuel

    wow!!!! whoever did this article deserves serious applauding. it is quite inspirational and directly in alignment with what i witnessed at the Forest lane during a certain Sunday service  while in Nairobi. I was just interested in remembering the good times of JCC while i was in Kenya but have been captivated the more to really read and enjoy the entire piece on Pastor Kathy. God bless you queen size and your lovely hubby Bishop Allan. God willing, i hope some day in the future to bless JCC (Allan & Kathy) with hefty love offerings in USDs, say USD 0.1m? or whatever God will bless me with anyway. I have no reservations for the immense blessings upon them because I was really inspired by their style of preaching of God’s word in truth and spirit filled and also picked some edifying audios. Lots of love and good wishes from a Ugandan christian who trots around the East Africa region. Samuel

    • MrJagwen

      Disillusioned by religion

  • Terryntalua

    thankyou mom, you are really a blessing

  • Laetitia_888

    There is nothing wrong with material possessions, academic achievements or fame.  What is wrong with it is when we love/crave and yearn for the things the world has to offer; academic accomplishements, fame and material possessions.  It amounts to idolatry when I find fulfilment in what I have acquired or possess.  The word of God says when I have love for these things, the love of the Father cannot be in the same heart.  In other words, I will love one and detest the  other but not have them both.  It just cannot work.  So when God blesses me with these things, He will have worked on me and moulded me into a person who cannot dare be haughty because of what I have.  I will be humble enough to recognise that it was not my doing but His.  I would want Him to bless me but not when my character cannot handle riches/position/fame!  I have seen people with so much power they sneer at those lower than them, spray their offices after they leave coz they smell like sweat/do not have fragrant odours.  I have learnt that the poor are so because they must choose between putting food on their table before than buy roll on or eau de toilette for personal grooming!  I know they would live well if they had the means.
    Only God knows our hearts so don’t judge anybody for any reason but leave that department to God before Whom nothing is hidden.  Rev Allan & Cathy God knows you so just keep on doing what He called you to do.  Men’s tongues will always wag no matter what so focus and forgive us who insult you for any reason.  God bless you.                                                                                                

  • john waweru


    • MrJagwen


  • Peter

    Too many “pastors” living high on the backs of those who have less, especially in africa.  Most of these people were poor and just wanted to get rich and then claim god sent them. Never did god send you two any more than he sent Jakes and the hundred of other pastors round the globe getting rich at your expense.

    Wake up folks!

  • ann nyeri

    prosperity in a Godly way is liberation from poverty.Jesus come to preach the Gospel to the poor!HEY POOR you are no longer poor.!!when ignorance of the word of God goes on rampage,that’s why you find many against the prosperity gospel.You are a blessing, Pastor Cathy keep on the Good work.

  • Winny

    I believe there’s power in prayers if you believe and have faith in God,God changes people if you worship and serve him in truth and spirit,and so regarding hat I am experiencing today i truly believe pastor Kathy is blessed by God..look where she came from?she seek God and she found Him.You have to Seek Him,be prayerful,live right and you shall see Him.He will never leave nor forsake you

  • Bobie Jay

    It is so sad to read this, so sad!

  • ma Joy

    the blessing of the Lord maketh rich and addeth no sorrow.its the turn around of lifes that you do that makes us celebrate you. you are a gift to our generation and a legacy to the generations to come!
    carry on the candle and light the world! we celebrate the grace of God in your ministry,family and life!

  • Kathy K.

    I’m just curious… I’m trying not to judge here since we are all sinners and the Kiunas are no exception. Is this what Jesus taught really? Build large homes, live in sheer luxury and make sure you buy the best cars out there to help you spread the gospel?? In matthew 10 – Jesus says… 9 “Do not get any gold or silver or copper to take with you in your belts— 10 no bag for the journey or extra shirt or sandals or a staff, for the worker is worth his keep.

    I believe Jesus knew that the worldly possession would hold us back when it came to really doing what he called us to do. We are no different from the Pharisees that Jesus was rebuking in Jerusalem. Well, i guess these are the days that he said men will reject the full power of the gospel… we will not escape judgment :(

  • shiru

    These kind of so called “Christian pastors” need to be exposed. Can you imagine how many followers will suffer the second death coz they were made to believe that in order to obtain riches like them Jesus is the answer. Jesus is all about spiritual wealth through Him.

  • Njuguna Muigai

    God blessings come in many forms and it is not always material things

  • Lorraine

    Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling, the Bible says. Not others’s salvation. And before you start removing specks in Pastor Kiuna’s eyes, remove the logs in your own. Before you tell her what to do with her money check what you do with yours. Everyone will stand before the ONLY RIGHTEOUS JUDGE, GOD, and give an account for themselves, not for other people. Remember, you ain’t the righteous judge, so let God do the judging.

  • Teejey

    Whilst people critic,call names,gossip,these people are impacting people’s lives.I do not know where people get this idea that just because a church thousands of people all of those people give thousands of dollars.Talk to any Pastor they will tell in any church only 20% give regularly.Infact many Pastors give more to the church because they are the visionaries.
    People always saying why not give to the poor.What have you done for the poor whom you have been seeing all your life and you have done nothing about it.We all have different liking for different things,if you are comfortable in your small house that is fine,others like it big.YES THE WORD SAYS THE LOVE OF MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL.BUT NO WHERE DOES IT SAY WE SHOULD NOT LIKE MONEY.
    Let’s just learn to celebrate each other.

  • MrJagwen

    All I have read here is how ignorance reigns supremo in Kenya and illiterate people identify this ignorance and disillusionment to create wealth. Christianity and any form of organized religion is fraud

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