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Evangelist Teresia Wairimu – A Cactus in the Desert

Salon Magazine – May 2011

“Preaching the gospel of Christ is hugely satisfying  for me,” Reverend Wairimu

She is by all means a noble woman and organizing this interview helped me ponder on a number of issues.

I must admit that meeting such a highly successful person, a well acknowledged servant of God who has a prophetic voice, a classic yet authoritative leader was not a simple task. I knew I was meeting a lady with a lasting legacy; who preaches the gospel passionately and fearlessly. She is the founder and Senior Pastor of the Faith Evangelistic Ministry

I had heard people describe her as a lady of impeccable taste as well as high standards and I just did not know what to expect of this interview.

She was born into royalty with her grandfather, the late Paramount Chief Kinyanjui wa Gathirimu serving as a kikuyu colonial chief.

For many years, she preached at Uhuru Park where as recorded she would have over two hundred and fifty thousand people in attendance from all over the country and beyond. This made her a household name.

She takes the gospel to schools, universities, in the slums and wherever else an opportunity beckons. She is a well sought after servant of God, who has prophesied of things concerning the nation of Kenya and these prophecies have come to pass.

She is respected by many, from leaders in government to the street urchins as she has a heart for all.

Wonders and miracles have authenticated her ministry.

Her recently released autobiography A cactus in the desert depicts a journey of courage, humility and resilience having overcome difficult challenges, disappointments and loss while emerging stronger and more confident in every area of her life.

To the eyes of many, she is an icon of true servant hood. Reverend Teresa Wairimu Kinyanjui is a lady on assignment, she has been helping the less fortunate in the society including those in prostitution, gangsters while giving hope to the endangered young women in the slums.

Our scheduled interview with her was at FEM’s offices in Ngara, Nairobi. After an uneventful morning, we were there at 1 o’clock. Her guest room where this interview took place is a combination of vibrant African design and Old English style which set a warm sophisticated tone of the great room. She was waiting for us and her hospitality was evident, going by all the refreshments we were served.

I got to learn later in the interview that Reverend Wairimu is a very time conscious lady; she likes keeping appointments and expects the same from those she is meeting. Her time keeping skill was echoed by a few of the people I interacted with in the course of the interview. “I am a shy and very private person who doesn’t like to be in the front line. I prefer to sit back and watch,” this revelation kicked off our long awaited interview.

“However, I am very passionate about people and particularly those looked down upon like, the widows, orphans, the less disadvantaged. This is something I learnt from my father who used to pay school fees for hundreds of kids; he built houses for the aged and dejected people in the society and was actively involved in building churches.

My departed father was also a very private person, he neither drank nor smoked despite the fact that he was not born again. He passed on in 2006 having accepted the Lord into His life. I must confess that my upbringing was reasonably joyous and comfortable, I did not lack because my father who was a businessman gave us a comfortable life. I was brought up lovingly and learnt the art of selflessness. My mother was a disciplinarian and hence, discipline was thoroughly instilled in us.

I was born in the Waithaka area at the outskirts of Nairobi on 15th November 1957. My dad had constructed a spacious, stone walled modern house which was in a large compound; he even had a car in the 1930s. This was a rare priviledge at the time.

I was daddy’s girl having been named after his mother who also loved me dearly. My elder brother and I had a very tight bond; we were inseparable. We would go for adventures and sometimes got into mischievous escapades together. As a young girl, life was good,” she notes.

I was not so good in my studies as my other siblings but my father always told me that my mouth would help me in the future.

Her agonizing moments

Rev Wairimu has passed through tough times in her life; the worst of them all was her divorce. Although she chooses not to delve much into this issue, it must have been a devastating period for her. “I got married on 25th November 1978. It was a beautiful, happy day. However, the happiness was short lived.

“My marriage faced both internal and external forces before finally breaking down. I loved my ex-husband and sought to support him, make him happy and raise our children in peace. Just like any aspiring couple, I never looked forward to marital breakdown but it happened to me.

I remember how my greatest desire to make our marriage work put a strain on me, I lost so much weight. I tried all I could but it didn’t work. I had two children, a son and a daughter, and I couldn’t imagine myself bringing them up on my own. It was unpalatable.

I got born gain in 1977, and this remains to be the greatest and precious decision of my life. It’s this fact that kept me strong and in one piece when everything else seemed to fall apart.

I viewed myself like Joseph in the Bible who was thrown in a pit. I had nothing to hold onto but I knew that God was my only source of hope. This entire incidence taught me that, there are some situations that happen to prove that indeed God can pick you from any problem and lift you higher than you ever imagined. I was in tears, and agony,” she further explains.

But the most painful loss, she says, was her son Robert, who had been taken away from her custody. “Had it not been by the grace of God and my solid faith in Him, I would not have survived through the ’80s,” she writes in the first chapter of her autobiography, which sets the foundation of her faith and ministry, which has been around for 25 years now.

I did not get anything from my matrimonial home. I only had the clothes I was wearing. All my documents were gone. I wondered if there was a God because I couldn’t understand why he allowed all these problems to come my way. I was devastated and even contemplated suicide at some point but in the midst of all the tribulations, I knew my way of escape was in God. Our God is a strong tower where the righteous find refuge.

The Lord extended His grace and mercy to me. He picked me up and took me to His school of training and patiently polished me up. I discovered that the more I yielded to Him, the more experienced the working of the Holy Spirit within me and the more I felt at peace.

I was separated from my son for thirteen years but I am thankful to God that we finally reconnected in very miraculous ways. He is now an adult. My daughter is married and they are blessed with a son.

Her ministry and successes

“I am a woman of very daring faith. My faith is unshakeable. This only happened when I totally surrendered myself to God by dying to self. My whole life is all about God. I desire to do His will every single day of my life,” she says.

Contrary to the agonizing times that Evangelist went through, her character depicts a lady of great faith. She is seen as the epitome of faith and strength by many.

I started my ministry through mass meetings all over the country. It was at the beginning of 1990 that I started holding revival meetings in Nairobi. It was very fulfilling ministering to thousands and thousands of people every day at Uhuru park every once a month,” she shares

Through out Evangelist Wairimu’s ministry many people have been touched, lives have been transformed, families have been restored and great miracles have taken place.

Unknown to many of those who come seeking her ministry, the 54-year-pastor has endured the most of complex state of affairs to build the fascinating Christian ministry that boasts properties in Karen and Ngara, state-of-the-art sound equipment, service to destitute children and a following that would be the envy of most of her contemporaries.

There is a case where a one day old baby was dumped at her offices, then based at Norwich Towers. Baby Moses as he was later named is about eleven years old and was brought up by Evangelist Wairimu. She would wake up at night to feed and change him.

“I raised baby Moses with so much love and tender care during his earlier most difficult stages of life. I used to wake up in the middle of the night to feed and change his nappies,” part of her book reads.

For Evangelsit Wairimu, her joys, rewards and successes of ministry outnumber the risks as well as discouragements that have come along with her calling.

“I have happily witnessed tumors disappearing, blind eyes opening, deaf ears hearing and the lame walking in Jesus name. God has raised people from coma and death beds, healed the incurable HIV-AIDS, mental illness, kidney failure, cancer, diabetes, brain tumors, skin conditions- among other diseases,” a portion of chapter 28 of her book recounts.

Her concerns and advice

We should live with the fear of God at all times. It is sad that there are people who take God for granted and no longer fear Him. For example, why is the church no longer a safe place where people can shelter from dangers? The incidence of people being burnt inside a church in Kiambaa during the post election violence shows a general erosion of faith.

Why is there theft in the church if people still fear God? In the Old Testament, there are incidences which are recorded of how people would seek refuge in the church which was referred to as the city of refuge. But now there are cases of incest, rape of even small babies, murders and many other ills which were unheard of in the former years.

Why is witchcraft a big issue in the present society, many people believe in it particularly after watching programmes aired locally which tend to manifest and somehow exalt witchcraft.

I believe that if Christians rose up in repentance and prayer coupled with revival meetings, we will overcome these evils.

As for parents, it’s important to have a strong family unit. This can be achieved if you create time for your children. The current society is neglecting their children due to the search for material things. It’s crucial to create time to pray and bless your children, create a relationship with them and impact in their lives. The world is too harsh to let your children explore it without guidance and prayers.

I would urge parents to speak words of life in their children; condemning and abusing them only makes them more rebellious, instead correct them in love, and use words that are positive in their lives. Words have power as they can build or break.

God is gracious and He longs for a relationship with each of us. It does not matter the situations you have been through. He is the only friend who sticks closer than anyone else. You should learn to believe in yourself as you are God’s opinion and not what any one else thinks.

As for all the mistakes you have made in life, the only person to blame is YOU, and with repentance and brokenness, God is able to pick you up and use you for His glory. Never give up because there is so much ahead of you,” she advises.

Quick Questions

What do you do to your face on a daily basis?

I just ensure that my face is clean. I like keeping my face natural. Due to my ministry, I find myself traveling most of the times and therefore I adapt appropriately. Suprisingly, I can use bar soap to clean my face and then apply the milking jelly. I am that simple!

Pedicure and manicures?

I believe in the basic hygiene of washing my hands and trimming my nails to a presentable size. In most cases I have no time for pedicures and manicures.

And your hair?

I like washing my hair at home whenever possible. However, once in a while I put on weaves. My hair is not a priority.

Where do you buy your clothes?

I don’t like shopping. I can’t remember the last time I went shopping! I get many gifts in terms of clothes and surprisingly, I wear clothes from some of the top designers in the world which are donated to me. I also put on clothes made by the reformed street girls. However simple they maybe, I feel happy and appreciated when I put them on. When poor people give me something, I must take it.

What is beauty according to you?

It is living your life as per Gods purposes. If you want to connect with people, you must stop pretending that you are special. You must come down to the people to be able to touch their lives. I can survive anywhere, if God sends me to Turkana, I fit there perfectly, I eat what they eat and sleep where they sleep. That’s the simplicity of my life.

What is your parting shot?

I believe that every one has a purpose in this world. Nobody should intimidate you.

I am so proud of my FEM partners; they have made our work easier through their generous donations. They donate money, furniture, clothes, foodstuffs and many other great things.

Tid Bits about Evangelist Teresa Wairimu

  • She was born to Njeri Kinuthia and Kinuthia Kinyanjui
  • She is the second born
  • She was born in 1957
  • She attended Ngiriambu Girls high school with Hon. Martha Karua
  • She gave her life to Christ in 1977
  • She got married in November 1978
  • She has two children, Robert and Catherine and one grandson
  • Her grandfather was Paramount Chief Kinyanjui, a Kikuyu colonial chief
  • Her story is captured in the 402-page autobiography which was recently launched. It is titled A Cactus in the Desert’ and is available in all the leading Christian bookshops and in the FEM offices in Ngara
  • FEM has a childrens home in Kikambala
  • Her mentor is Ev. Reinhard Bonnke

About her autobiography, ‘a cactus in the desert’

This is part of the foreword from Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke as recorded in the book. Evangelist Bonnke is an anointed servant of God who is internationally known and respected.

“This is the most remarkable story of Evangelist Wairimu. Teresa sat in 1988 heart broken in my meetings at Uhuru Park. She had just gone through an ugly divorce and suffered deep rejection. But it was right there that the Lord picked her and turned that broken vessel into a vessel of His great honor. Teresa passionately preaches Jesus.

This book is a compelling read. It spans from her childhood till today, the nobility of the earthly family and the legacy of her ministry. This is a MUST read book”

  • judy

    wao…i remember when i was a little girl, My mum who is not saved up to now could not miss your crusade….that when i got to know God. Am now a young mother and i love GOD. May God bless you with many more year. I love you rev.


    I heard about you back 90s as a youth throu’ the crusades and revival springs.Ive never seen you physically but i believe i will soon.I bought your book on 8/6/11 and by 15th i was throu’.It has really challenged my spirituality having gone throu’ the family break down.It has built me and opened my insight.Sis,what has happened to the christian of today?This is a must book to read to all on faith.

  • Daniel Mugo

    I have not yet read the book, but am gonna get it. I remember when i was young, listening to Ev. Teresia preaching on her cassettes. God bless you

  • hal

    Ev. Wairimu,
    By far you are my greatest inspiration among the ministers in Kenya. May God keep you as the shining light that you are. I wish there were more like you in Kenya.

  • Monica

    I truly admire you Ev. Teresa.You are a role model, your life and walk with God is inspiring. I am currently reading your book ‘A cactus in the desert’. I am always blessed by your meetings that I attend when you come to London. It is through one of your messages ”seek first the kingdom of God’ in the 90’s that I gave my life to Christ. I love you x

  • winfred wambui

    hae ev.teresiah am sending a request that u may pray for me to have a financial breakthrough.pray also that my dear husband may win a case against his former employer without a reason.thanks and god bless you greatly.

  • http://yahoo stephen kariuki waweru

    Praise the Lord Rev. wairimu. I remember it was in charter Hall in 1991 that you had a powerful preaching that made me make my mind to know Christ. Thank you for that inspiration which has kept me to this day. God bless your work.


    Ev .teresia, i really admire you, you are my true mentor, pray for my finacial break through, i am a very desperate widow who was left with nothing to lean on , but only my heavenly father.

  • Purity Mwadime

    God bless you Ev. Wairimu, Let me confess that if there is anything that i like most about u is how u touch and transform the lives of former street girls and young men not to forget the children home in Kikambala. (Those kids are amazing!) You are my inspiration Ev. Wairimu and iam always blessed by your meetings that i make sure to attend every August at Jamhuri High Sch Nairobi grounds. Once again may our good God bless you richly!


    I am trully inspired by you and your preaching, thank you for the good work you are doing for our good Lord. May God bless the work of your hands and may his glory shine upon you always.

  • Anne

    Only two women truly stand out in my life, Ev Teresia Wairimu and Kathryn Kuhlman. Despite the ‘bad’ patches in their lives, their unshakable relationship with the LORD in all life situations stands out.

  • pamela

    be blessed abundantly for doing the work of God whole hearted and transforming lives

  • Doris

    i have known u since i was a kid,my mum made sure we never misd ur crusades at uhuru park.u so inpired me i wanted to b an evangelist back then.
    id love to read that bk.

    • mary

      I feel humbled as I write to you. I also feel my eyes full of tears, evangelist Teresia, you are a lady that I adimire every moment. Your preaching keeps me going. I face a very rough marrige life whereby I am born again married to a person who does not know God. he cannot allow me to to attend a protestant church or either watch a pastor preaching on a TV. So every time I make sure Iam awake early on Sunday to watch you on NTV before he awakes. Mum you mean alot to me, and since I am a woman of faith I know one day I will have Justice in my life. I do not know why every time I read about I see myself shedding tears. Always rememember me in your prayers.

  • Phyllis

    For me, you are a woman that i admire so much especially your have touched so many lives with your ministry and the sky is the limit for you.
    i used to travel from ushago to attend you conventions when i was young, i will surely buy that book.keep up the good work and may God richly bless you

  • http://Send Sally Omollo

    Praise God Evangelist Wairimu, I have not seen you in person,but hopefully, I will, I was so inspired by your preaching in one of the You Tube, where you preached about connecting with people who are going some where,like Ruth got connected with Naomi and Naomi connected with Boaz, I have been sick with cancer, high blood pressure, diabetis and blood clot, but when I read this your biography how people of such sicknesses got healed I was so inspired that I can definately get totally healed when you pray for me.Kindly remember me in your prayers, because I believe God can do a miracle for me too.

  • grace

    Mum and the Prophet of God, you are my Role Model you are my Spiritual Authority. I dont know where I would be, if God did not connect me to you. I was going through sickness of an elergy that had no cure reacting to proteins I became so skinny since I could not feed on anything good apart from medication .Until one day my sister was given an apology by someone who said ‘that she was not able to attend my funeral since she overheard that I was already dead since I was so sick’. Mum it is until I came into contact with you that you spoke the word of God upon my life and the word of God set me free and I remember very well it was one of the strange weekends on April 2002 and the topic was Healing you called me by a word of knowledge and there I received my Healing and since then my life changed completely. Mum may the Almighty God keep you and his blessings be upon you always. I love you Mum,you are my Mentor. I Treasure ,Respect and Honour you so much.You are my Naomi like Ruth in the bible.God bless you Mum.

  • http://google ruth njenga

    Evagelist Wairimu, I thank God for you. You have been a blessing to me no words can explain. I never missed your monthly meetings at Uhuru Park in the early ninties and abroad. whenever I hear you are in town I always show up. Let the light of God continue shinnig in you in Jesus name.

  • http://NIL kinoti

    How amazing you have identified this great lady a Servant of God and a woman of Faith.
    She’s remarkably Kenya’s best.

    Thank you.

  • james lantern kamunya

    jesus love you

  • Jeremiah kiplagat

    Evangelist Wairimu, i remember your meetings of uhuru park with great nostalgia. Especially the 2002 beginning of year prophecies which i later saw for myself getting fulfilled as you said… and “do not go to moab” message. Thank you for heeding to God’s call, millions are never the same again. your simplicity and humility touches me most. God bless you big.

    • samuel

      Jeremy thanks for the inspiration that has kept you moving and alive.

      Ps 15: –“who shall abide …….”

      This woman of God has been abiding! Halleluyah!

      Am proud of you!

    • Caroline

      It was in Kabimoi in Eldama Ravine (1992) whilst raining in stadium and you being sheltered by “jambi” that you preached in crusade in secondary challenge and I got born again.
      It was the first time I believed women are holy before God and with earnings ,bangles hehehe… I thought Christians should wear the christian uniform (long clothes ,no ornaments) to be listened to by God.It changed Christianity and how women were treated,I could not go for genital mutilation neither early marriage.God bless you.I started christian union in school immediately and awaiting to get closer in knowing Jesus.

  • Titus

    I attended one of your crusades in 90s, I respect your for your zeal and words of true teaching.

  • samuel

    Yes servant!

    I like this ministry. Its a ministry with the WORD. Not Water, oil and the crazy junks. We dont need the kind of staff we often see in the television. Aah!These are expired! A remember the Centurion said to Christ Jesus, i understand command, i have practiced it, it works, “JUST say a word” And it will be done.

    Oh Yes we have lacked these men and women these days. BUT you continue in the good work the Lord has entrusted you with!Amen!

    Peace and Mercy upon you!

  • Anonymous

    Mum i remember vividly all the preachings u did at Uhuru park,I never missed any of ur meetings.I thank God for using u as His vessel.God used u to mold me into a christian Iam today.Be blessed and long live to continue spreading the gospel.

  • Dama

    Rev I have admired you since my teenage and i still do. Keep up the good work.

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  • sandrine Ola’a

    My Dear theresia,may god bless you for ever and ever.Here is my story with you.I am cameroonian young lady.I was leaving in south africa in the years came for the women conference at rhema church in 2000.I was invited by some friend of mine because i am caholic.When you start your delivrance,you asked everybody to put there hands where they feel seek.I was pregnant and i had this big bump (kist)on my right hand i did as you asked,at the end of the sevice,my hand was still sick and i sayed to my friends:how these people where claiming to be healed?i didnt see anything!Trust me,3 days later,i woke up with my hand healed!a normal hand wich looked as nothing as never been there!Glory be to God!! it was a lesson for my small faith!It as been eleven years now i have been looking for you to say thanks and to share my experience.I live now in cameroon with daughter (she is eleven and her name is sharon)since my husband abandoned me with a four month pregnancy.i can’t wait the day God will allow us to meet again.Just keep going you’ll stii make it for the glory of our lord.Sorry for my poor englsh i am french speaking.

  • John Owaga

    I was a good religious boy in nakuru. Her first meeting at Baptist church gave me an opportunity to meet christ and my life has never been the same again. I feel her mother hood every time i see her on television. Her site always remainds me of my encounter with christ that fatefull evening. You are a blessing mum.

  • Miriam Macharia

    Yes,I attended Mom’s meeting at St Stephens Church Jogoo road where in 90’s.The message was on wisdom and then she called me by my name and this was my first meeting.Her dynamic way of preaching without compromise made me love and became a partner in her ministry.I will cherish and continiue to stand with you in prayers.I am looking forward to read this book.You are a blessing to the body of Christ and the entire world.

  • Gladys

    A great woman of God called for the nations. Go Mama, the Lord shall continue to order your steps.To me you’ve been more than a blessing, first met you at JCC in Ngara and since then have been following developments of your ministry as the Lord lifts you for His glory.Am tapping into that favor in Jesus name.God bless you BIG.

  • grace muraya

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  • grace muraya

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  • Loyce Mwangi

    Evangelist Wairimu, you are my role model and my inspiration, i love your authoritative voice and the fear of God in you, i have always been encouraged by listening to your messages, i recently bought the cactus in the desert autobiography and i thank God for using you mightly.


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    Thanks to the editors of this magazine for highlighting the servant of God.

    I admire the Rev greatly and believe in the God she serves.

    I will make an effort and buy the book as I would like to know more about her journey in Christ, I will also try my best and attend one of her services in Karen.

    This Woman of God is an inspiration to me and I am truly happy to read about her. God bless and increase to her greatly.


    You were a blessing to me. I Got saved in your crusade at uhuru park june 1998
    my life has never been the same. I long to see you back to uhuru park . i remember there was a time you preached death in the port . the message really moved me.

  • Anonymous

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  • Martha

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    Thanks mum for being an encouraged to me,God bless you abundantly..

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  • Simpletestimonies

    This is beautiful Sister Tereisia. (I avoid calling people by their gifting because of Mathew 23:8). I love biographies. Thanks for sharing about yourself our dear sister so that we may know what God has done for others He can do it for us and even at a higher level. Why not? He is not limited and none has reached the top most of God’s agenda.

  • waweru

    Yes it’s true the entire kenya is getting hungry every day for the word of the LORD that keeps their hope alive,More so during this period of the Alshaabab era. Madam i specifically urge to pray for kenyans,We are at crossroads of many issues today,Fashion, Development,Technology, Entertainment, Emergence of many faiths ,Convergence of many Nationalities in our country.

    Madam kindly for those seeking prosperity to use and improve well being of the church ,The poor and the down trodden in the society, I have been praying for the same hope you INTERCEDE to help me break the barriers to carry GODS WORK.


  • Charity Maina

    Mum, i joined your ministry on 2010, i was employed and had intentions of starting up my own business. On August last year you preached and i heard like you were speaking to me. you said and i quote “if your time of serving that company has come to an end, leave, dont wait until you are sacked, what are you holding in your hand?” In October i resigned and started my own printing firm the same month. since i understand the principles of giving and receiving i have been giving tithe even on the months that business is down. On february this year again you prophesied and talked about businesses prospering and trust me mum i got business worth millions until i run out of space in my office and since then i have never lacked and i got working capital which i didnt have and now am working on increasing the capacity i.e buying more machines and am barely six months in business. I choose to remai under the cover of that Mighty GOD. Thank you mum for teaching me the way. 

  • Cecilygitau

    nungari cecily
    Thank you dear mum for your inspiration it encourages to learn that our God is gracious and can pick us and convert us into beatiful valuables in his vine yard you remain my role model
    A broken reed he will not despise neither a smoldering wick will he snuff off.

  • Evangelist Mishall

    hi dear
    i am very impressed with your thoughts and u are realy admirabe,
    i want to contact you personaly, you are a very good preacher and i want you to preach all over the world , this is my email account please contact me as soon as possible.

  • Margiekamau

    hi prophet of God, first i would like to thankyou for remaining royal to God and surrendering your life fully to him, i continually pray for you as in the world we are, it is becoming even difficult to trust our own pastors but you mum i just thank God for you,

    i got saved at your uhuru park crusade and for real i want people to know that you can be what you want to be if only you will trust and believe in God and let his will be done in your life,  when i got save i was a house girl but in college, i started tithing the little i was getting, after college i got my first job, ‘am one of the most hardworking ladies i think in the world to prove later’

    after two years i got my second job by GRACE, as a declaration clerk same year was promoted to supervise declaration (transit) after one year i was promoted as assistant head of transit, as i write to you my boss was sacked last month but two and i was promoted again to head transit department in one of the largest clearing and forwarding firm,

    mum i cannot thank God enough but i would like him to use me to educate girl/boy child about his love as am a living testimony

    thankyou Jesus for loving me,

  • Ndungu34

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  • Elijahpal

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  • naomi mbugua

    mum your the best. God bless you

  • Teresia ruguru

    mum you have touched my heart God bless u.

  • Ruth Munguti

    i like your simplicity

  • gilbert mwangi

    Mum I love the way you are real, simple and accomodating. God bless u big

  • sammy

    mom you are great

  • Paul Mucheru Mugi

    I wish all the Ministers of The Gospel could learn from you.

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